Client: Ordkit

Devices: Web, Mobile

Project Scope: Development, Marketing

Ordkit is the Shopify equivalent for Bitcoin NFTs. It simplifies the process of minting NFTs by providing a seamless user experience and eliminating the necessity for technical expertise. With Ordkit, anyone, regardless of their technical background, can effortlessly create and launch a store to sell their images as blockchain NFTs. Ordkit’s platform handles everything from collecting payments to minting NFT tokens from the original images and managing customer interactions.

Summary: A New Approach to minting NFTs

Ordkit's platform is revolutionizing the NFT and cryptocurrency industry. Over the past 12 months, we've seen significant success metrics, including:

  • Over 2.4 million page views in 2023

  • Facilitating transactions totalling over 2.1 million CAD in 2023

  • Attracting more than 130,000 unique visitors

Revolutionizing the NFT industry

Ordkit emerged as a solution to a critical challenge within the NFT market, aiming to democratize the creation of Bitcoin Ordinals through a user-friendly and efficient platform. Positioned as the "Shopify of Bitcoin Ordinals," Ordkit empowers both collectors and creators to build their own collections without grappling with typical technical complexities.

Three key features set Ordkit apart from competitors:

1. Ease of Use: Say goodbye to coding headaches, payment processing worries, and scalability concerns. Ordkit's intuitive design and comprehensive features make minting straightforward and accessible for all users.

2. Instant Payment: Collection owners benefit from instant payments, ensuring a seamless transaction process. Users receive their ordinals automatically (up on minting), enhancing efficiency and convenience.

3. Reliability: With experience managing heavy traffic volumes, Ordkit guarantees platform reliability, even during peak usage periods. Count on Ordkit as your dependable minting platform, regardless of demand fluctuations.

Ordkit’s Challenge

Non-fungible tokens, abbreviated as NFTs, are unique and irreplaceable digital assets deployed on blockchain networks such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. Traditionally, minting NFTs demands technical expertise to accurately link a product with ledger information and assign ownership to the rightful individual. Recognizing this barrier, the founders of Ordkit set out to establish a user-friendly method for creating, publishing, and selling crypto assets with minimal technical knowledge required.

Once minted, NFTs are associated with an individual's address, ensuring that the buyer possesses the sole version of that specific NFT, thereby granting exclusive ownership rights. From a platform standpoint, the required web application necessitates robust customer management capabilities. This includes processing payments securely, linking minted tokens to the buyer's ledger, and ensuring accurate distribution of tokens, all of which are integral to delivering a seamless user experience and granting users prompt access to their NFTs.

Lastly, from the perspective of entrepreneurs or founders, the customer management platform must efficiently handle fund collection, verify payment information, complete transactions, and secure funds post-minting, ensuring a smooth and secure process from start to finish.

The Benefits of Working with Fabrika

Ordkit experienced several benefits from collaborating with Fabrika, including:

  • Access to a dedicated team of developers who spearheaded the build, launch, and ongoing support of their platform.

  • Transparent and fixed monthly fees throughout the development process, providing Ordkit with a cost-effective approach to building an MVP.

  • A fully managed service encompassing scoping, sprint planning, and quality testing, all executed without the need for technical direction from Ordkit.

  • Streamlined and hassle-free feedback process, where Fabrika implemented all requested changes promptly and provided assistance in strategic tech decisions for long-term success.

  • Effortless transfer of code repository ownership, facilitated by Fabrika, ensuring smooth transition and continuity of development efforts.

The Development Process

Development at Fabrika follows an agile pod model, enabling us to deliver products rapidly and cost-effectively. For Ordkit, we formed a dedicated pod comprising core members, each responsible for one of the three critical areas requested: payment, minting, and publishing.

Communication stands as one of our cornerstones for success, which is why Fabrika assigns a customer-facing project manager to each project. With Ordkit, our project manager maintained regular communication with the founders through project update and development calls. Additionally, Fabrika's teams utilize tools such as Slack, Asana, and Trello to track progress and communicate successes.

Upon project completion, Ordkit underwent a comprehensive product walkthrough and was able to fully demo their new product within a testing sandbox. Upon handover, their teams received documentation developed on GitBook.io, offering in-depth guidance on each workflow for their customers and internal teams.

Lastly, Fabrika provided post-launch marketing support to Ordkit, enabling successful product delivery to millions of customers. Alongside post-launch technical support, Fabrika resolved challenges and scaled resources as necessary.

Tech Stack

How we build OrdKit:

  • Next.js: Fast development with server-side rendering and strong TypeScript support.

  • TypeScript: Improved code reliability and developer productivity.

  • AWS: Reliable, scalable cloud services for building robust applications.

  • Node.js + Express: Fast and scalable server-side development.

  • tRPC: Type-safe API framework for efficient and reliable APIs.

  • SQLite + Turso: Lightweight database solution with TypeScript-friendly ORM.

  • PostgreSQL + Supabase: Robust, scalable relational database with real-time capabilities.

  • Cloudflare: CDN and web security services for improved performance and security.

  • Vercel: Simple, easy deployment for Next.js applications with built-in CI/CD.

The Fabrika Difference

Creating an MVP is no small feat. It demands effective communication, meticulous planning, seamless execution, and a robust change management process to ensure successful outcomes. At Fabrika, we pride ourselves on our ability to understand our clients' perspectives and communicate effectively throughout the development process.

With Fabrika's agile pod design, clients benefit from a dedicated team of developers capable of delivering multiple releases per month (depending on the scope of the project). This pod team structure enables efficient task completion and ensures continuity throughout the development lifecycle, unlike traditional development agencies. Additionally, our agile pod model allows us to bring in specialized team members (extended pod members) for tasks requiring additional expertise or support.

The outcome of our methodology is rapid implementation (completed within 30 days or approximately 600 development hours), rigorous testing for bugs, and comprehensive support during launch and scaling. Ordkit, for example, has successfully hosted over 2 million users and facilitated over CAD$2.1 million in transactions. This success underscores the strength of our system architecture and Fabrika's commitment to implementing failsafes that facilitate unhindered growth.

The Next Step for you!

If the success of Ordkit has sparked your entrepreneurial spirit, that's fantastic! Let's schedule a quick 15-30 minute exploratory call to discuss your idea. We're eager to hear about your vision and ready to assist in brainstorming ideas, whether they relate to marketing, product development, or anything in between. And rest assured, all our calls are commitment-free, so you can feel at ease during our discussion. We can't wait to hear from you!

Launch Product's Faster with Fabrika

Fabrika is the catalyst for your product's success! With our dedicated team of developers and specialists, we excel at bringing your big ideas to life.

Launch Product's Faster with Fabrika

Fabrika is the catalyst for your product's success! With our dedicated team of developers and specialists, we excel at bringing your big ideas to life.

Launch Product's Faster with Fabrika

Fabrika is the catalyst for your product's success! With our dedicated team of developers and specialists, we excel at bringing your big ideas to life.